• Marissa Lins

  • Position

    Owner- Madison Pilates, LLC
    Owner/Founder - Midwest Pilates Institute, LLC
    Owner/Creator - Pilates3T™
  • Biography

    Marissa Lins is founder of the Midwest Pilates Institute and owner of Madison Pilates, INC in Madison, WI. She completed her comprehensive Pilates education through Core Dynamics® Inc and is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance. She has over 28 years of movement training including classical and contemporary dance, Pilates, yoga, Gentry Technique, Alexander Technique, and Feldenkries. She has extensive musical training in both piano and voice and is an accomplished swimmer. In the ten years since she founded Madison Pilates she has expanded the studio four times. Additionally, she developed and founded the educational program for the Midwest Pilates Institute and pioneered her school to become the first post-secondary approved Pilates school in Wisconsin. Marissa also founded a Pilates consulting business called Pilates3T in which she provides the framework for other studios to develop their own comprehensive program and facilitates approval by the studio's state post-secondary education board. She has had the honor of speaking at several presentations hosted by the Pilates Method Alliance. In 2012, Marissa published her first book Teaching Pilates - Comprehensive Manual. She has also produced a series of Pilates educational dvd?s. Marissa is a studio owner, school owner, continuing education provider, and a mom.

    The industry of Pilates is evolving. Through this evolutionary process Marissa?s mission is to help keep the spirit of Pilates alive.

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